SMS: We’re jammin we’re jammin we’re jammin we’re jammin…

This is my first post for Sweet Melissa Sunday and I’m so glad I got the chance to take part in this one!  I’m not a big fan of preserves generally – mostly because I rarely bother to grab brekkie before work in the morning, and if I get the chance to indulge in a leisurely breakfast, my choice will always be big fat American-style pancakes with buckets of syrup (forget the wimpie crepes)..  But this recipe for Strawberry Ruby Grapefruit Preserves was definitely a tasty suprise, so big big thanks to Margot from Effort to Deliciousness for choosing it! I made a half-batch and the whole process probably took about an hour, so I’ll definitely have a go with some of the other versions in the Sweet Melissa book – can’t wait to see how the Strawberry Rhubarb version that Hanaa made turned out.  The grapefruit added a lovely zing, and seeing as my boyfriend gave it a thumbs up, it must be good – I’ve never seen him eat jam or preserves before and as I’ve already mentioned, he generally avoids anything without salt, chilli or cheese in it.  But he dug into this stuff..!

Strawberry Ruby-grapefruit preserves with scones and cornish clotted cream

Strawberry Ruby Grapefruit preserves with scones and cornish clotted cream

I opted to make Dorie’s Cream Scones as an accompaniment, which was also a new one for me, and bought some Cornish clotted cream just to add a few thousand calories more… Well worth it.  You can find the scone recipe on this lovely blog.  I left out the suggested raisins and baked one round of 6 scones last night.  I froze the second round and baked that this morning.  I chose to limit the baking time to about 18-20 mins, and both the fresh & frozen batches turned out moist on the inside with nice golden crusts.


I’ve only had the traditional scones & cream once before – on holiday in North Devon with my boyfriend and his family. In my opinion, these turned out much better..! If you can get your hands on Cornish Clotted cream, make the jam & scones and load up.


Thanks again to the SMS bakers for letting me join in on the fun and offering such a warm welcome!  Check out the SMS blogroll to see their interpretations of this week’s recipe!

p.s.  MASSIVE THANKS to my brother for his jammin’ tips…



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8 responses to “SMS: We’re jammin we’re jammin we’re jammin we’re jammin…

  1. Welcome to the group! Your preserves look terrific! I’m glad they were a hit at your house 🙂

  2. Welcome to SMS! Your preserves look great! I made Dorie’s cream biscuits to go with the preserves, so yummy…

  3. Welcome to Sweet Melissa Sundays and thanks for preserving with me this week! I’m happy you got to participate in this one, definitely an unusual one for your first week. Your preserves and scones both look fantastic and I’m glad you and your boyfriend both enjoyed them!

  4. Welcome to the group! 😀

    Your preserves look amazing, I adore clotted cream! Cream tea for the win 😀

    Katie xox

  5. Welcome to the group! Your preserves look beautiful, and thanks for the link to the scones recipe- I’m a sucker for breakfasts that can be eaten on the run 🙂 I’m looking forward to baking with you!

  6. Your jam looks great. Love the color. I thought toast + butter + jam was great, but toast + clotted cream + jam sounds much better (even though I never had clotted cream before). Great job on the scones too. Lovely golden brown crust.

    Thanks for the shout-out :o) I highly recommend the strawberry-rhubarb version.

  7. hotovenwarmheart

    Hi June!

    I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. I’m Joy (of Hot Oven, Warm Heart) and I’m also one of the “newbie” SMS members. So far the experience has been wonderful, and it’s been such a treat getting to know many of the other bakers. I’m glad we’ll be baking together each week, and I hope we can stay in touch and talk after Sunday postings!

    Your jam looks lovely, and I think I’m gonna have to give that scone recipe a go… this is the 2nd time I’ve read a positive recommendation for it, so it must be something special! I made some jam thumbprints with mine, and they came out great, too! I’d love for you to stop by my site and say hi, if you have a chance! Have a wonderful rest of your week and a relaxing summer weekend! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


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