SMS: ‘Nana bread in the nick of time!

We decided to run off sailing this weekend (due to random coincidence: good weather here in the UK + one-off access to a fantastic sailboat, courtesy of friends) so I *almost* missed out on this week’s Sweet Melissa Sundays pick – ‘Mom’s Banana Apple Bread’….



But luckily, we managed to get back in time for a bit of baking and I’ve got a lovely, cinnamon-scented loaf cooling on the counter.. Now, take note – this isn’t your boring, run-of-the-mill banana bread,  but a delicious spin on the old classic that calls for sauteing tart Granny Smith apples in a sweet brown sugar syrup.. yum.. And just to up the calorie-count even more, I decided to throw on a crumble topping too, haha… I’m not sure exactly what size my loaf pan is (yes, I could measure it.. but I’m lazy) but after filling it about 3/4 full and scattering crumble topping just shy of the lip, I still had enough batter left over for 2 giant muffins.  As usual, the artificial lighting in our flat leaves a lot to be desired so I’ll post better pictures tomorrow, but here’s a littler taster..

banana apple muffin

Big big thank you to this week’s SMS hostess Joy of Hot Oven Warm Heart for choosing such a sweet and relatively simple (lucky for me) treat !! Get the recipe & the historical low-down on banana bread from her lovely blog, and head over to the SMS site for a peek at what my fellow SMS’ers got up to with this one!



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9 responses to “SMS: ‘Nana bread in the nick of time!

  1. JoVonn

    Baking this bread was a good end to the weekend! I’m glad you had the time to complete it because it’s good.

  2. It would have been horrible if you missed out on this. These were awesomely amazing =]. Love the crumble topping!

    Hope you had fun on that sailing trip of yours!

  3. Your crumble topping looks amazing! Glad you had a chance to bake these!

  4. Love the crumble topping! Looks delicious.

  5. I’m glad you were able to jump in and bake this one because it was yummy! Your muffin looks so good, especially with that crumb topping. Now I know what I’m doing next time I make this recipe 🙂

  6. Karin

    I was eating a slice of the bread yesterday and was thinking how wonderful it would be with a crumb topping! Glad you enjoyed the recipe this week.

  7. A crumb topping sounds out of this world! I loved this banana bread recipe, but I love crumb topping too, so I might have to try it next time!

  8. hotovenwarmheart

    Hi June!

    Thank you so much for baking along with me this week, especially considering you JUST got home from your trip! Did you have fun sailing? I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the recipe, and your muffin looks AH-mazing! I am SO adding a crumb topping next time (what a great idea)- your photo made my mouth water! I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to stop by and comment sooner- I’ve been really under the weather for the past two weeks, so unfortunately I haven’t been on the computer too much… but I’m glad I had the chance to read your lovely post- thank you for the sweet shout out at the end 🙂

    I hope you’re doing well- have a great rest of your week! Hope to hear from you soon!


  9. Your muffin looks great. Love the crumb topping. Will have to remember that for next time.

    Thanks for wishing me luck at the fair :o)

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