SMS: (less than) perfect pound cake

This week’s SMS pick was Perfect Pound Cake – and I’m sure it would have been, if I hadn’t pulled it out of the oven prematurely in a panic at the sight of browning edges.. Yesss… I toothpicked at a slant, took a risk and ended up with a mushy middle. Bad June, bad!!!  Luckily, I managed to salvage a few fat, glorious slices so at least we got a taste of perfection..


The cake smelled amazing and the few bites I had were deeeelicious – subtly sweet with a perfect crumb – so I’ll definitely be having another go soon..


. Thanks so much to Michelle of VeggieNumNums – and big apologies too, I definitely let the team down on this one, booo… Head this way to see what the other lovely SMSers baked up… in contrast to these:





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11 responses to “SMS: (less than) perfect pound cake

  1. Regardless of how much you think you failed, it still looks really good!

  2. I always worry about overbaking! I thought mine was a little dry, probably could have come out a few minutes sooner!

  3. I think we’ve all been there when things just don’t turn out quite the way we’d hoped 🙂 I’m glad you were able to salvage a few slices and that they were a hit!

  4. Oh no! Well it looks beautiful, even slightly underdone. I’m glad you enjoyed the pieces you were able to eat!

  5. Opppssie on the underbaking!! Im glad you got a few hunks though!

  6. Karin

    Well, I guess its better to have a few slices of it than have to throw out the whole thing because it was burned! It still looks delicious!

  7. It’s good you managed to salvage a few chunks, looks yummy!!

    Katie xox

  8. i was so afraid that my cake was underdone because i poked the toothpick in the center of the gooey crack (my mistake) and baked it for another 5 mins. which made it a bit dry.

    but at least what you salvaged was yummy!

  9. It looks good and Im glad you were able to enjoy it! It was a easy recipe but mine came out to dry for my liking. Im glad I made it though. We ended up somthering it with choke cherry jam!

  10. Glad you liked what you were able to salvage,m but it looks like you didn’t have to throw too much away.

  11. I did the exact same thing when i first made poundcake — pulled it out of the oven too early for fear it burned.

    Yours still looks great.

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