SMS: making whoopie… (hahaha)

Righto, we’re on a pumpkin roll here – what with Halloween around the corner and Thanksgiving not far behind (yay! yay!) – so this week’s SMS pick was a perfect follow on to the pumpkin patch cupcakes in my last post.  Melissa might refer to these as ‘cookie cakes’, but to me they’re whoopie pies and worth the namesake shout.  Funnily enough, I only had my first pumpkin version (you get chocolate too) last month after a pilgrimmage to Baked (of ‘Sweet & Salty Cake’ fame).  This involved a mahoooossive trek to Red Hawk that left me in a slightly sour mood.. which turned very sour when I realized they only had one cake on offer…that’s just mean. But luckily, they also had pumpkin whoopies, which sweetened the deal no end.  Since then, I’ve had me a cravin’!


"What's in a name? That which we call a review.."

This recipe was super easy – notwithstanding the turmoil encountered when trying to find pumpkin puree.. in England. during the ‘Great Pumpkin Crisis of 2009’.  (See my pumpkin patch post for details.. if you really want…but it’s actually irrelevant – all is well, Waitrose saved the day).  I swapped the molasses for maple syrup, cranked up the cinnamon (always) and used my favourite cream-cheese frosting recipe in place of Melissa’s filling.   (It’s not too different, but I’ve added it below anyway).  All in all, I give these babies a 5/5 on ease and 5/5 on taste/texture combo. YUM. I’m only offering 2/5 stars on accessibility of ingredients though… I might try getting proactive about this (instead of whinging endlessly for the next month) by starting a petition for equal rights to fair-priced pumpkin puree for expats.

Bite me

Bite me

Having bought Baked and failing so far to use it (shame on me), I was hoping to manage an SM vs B-Boys bakeoff.  The recipes seem similar, although the Baked version calls for vegetable oil in place of butter, relatively more puree and sugar in relation to flour, plus ground ginger and cloves…and the cream cheese fillings are *slightly* different too. Obviously I failed to get said bakeoff on in time for this post… but my whoopie-pie love just grows and grows, so I’ll get around to it soon! very soon!  But for now I’d just like to offer Debbie a big, fat, (cream) cheesey thanks for her perfect seasonal pick! Please check out the SMS blogroll to see what the others put together! with filling… x

Pipeworthy cream-cheese frosting
4 oz. butter (relatively room temp)
8 oz. cream cheese  (take your pick – room temp or straight from the fridge.. it’s freeing, no?)
5 cups icing sugar (yes, 5. prepare for the high)

Directions: Whiz the butter and cream cheese in the food processor until combined (no big, separate lumps.. but don’t overprocess).  Add half the sugar and whizz again.  Scrape down the sides and add the rest of the sugar cup by cup (stopping to scrape down the sides) until you’re happy with the consistency.  Use at this point or pop the whole lot in the fridge for a firm-up.  (I hate it soft ‘n soupy, can you tell?)



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12 responses to “SMS: making whoopie… (hahaha)

  1. Wendy

    Yeah, they’re whoopie pies. Yours look gorgeous. Glad you liked them!

  2. Beautiful “bite Me” cookies. Love, love, love them! I feel terrible about how hard of a time people are having getting pumpkin anything. Living in Wa, USA, the pumpkins are on farms all over and I had no idea. I can ship you mine =)

    I love your bake-off idea too.

  3. Your cookies look fantastic, such a nice layer of frosting! Baked is a fun cookbook, though I haven’t used mine as much as I should either.

  4. JoVonn

    Great pic. I can’t wait to read about the bake off.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Those cookies look great.

  6. These look so prefect!

  7. Your cookie cakes (aka whoopie pies!) are gorgeous! I love the way the filling is so evenly peeking out the sides. Sorry it’s so difficult for you to find pumpkin – that would drive me crazy! I can’t wait to see your comparison with the Baked version.

  8. Great looking whoopies! Im glad you loved the recipe. I really enjoyed these melt in your mouth cakes!

  9. Beautiful! All that frosting looks amazing!

  10. Oh they look perfect! Love the idea of spicing them up a bit with ginger and cloves so on my next attempt I might give that a shot… And definitely going to try your cream cheese icing! Thanks x

  11. Karin

    I thought they were whoopie pies too! They’re very big where I’m from… Your cookies look awesome! The icing looks like little pillows of marshmallow.

  12. your post cracked me up! your pies look fan-freakin-tastic!! that frosting looks light as a cloud!! *scribbles recipe down*

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