msc: candied sweet potato cupcakes

Apologies for the delay folks – I’ve been away for the past few days on whirlwind bachelorette/hen do in Dubai, so I’m posting late and posting in brief (with a lingering hangover + sleep deprivation to blame..)   I baked these tater-ific (hyuk hyuk) treats up a few weeks ago knowing I’d be donning a swimsuit over the weekend rather than an apron, and whoamama am I glad  I didn’t miss out.

These were easy enough to throw together – even with the added step of baking the sweet potatoes – and they filled our tiny flat with the most delicious spicy sweet smell.  I cranked up the cinnamon a bit out of habit and pure cinnamon love, but followed the cake recipe to the letter apart from that.  For the topping, on the other hand, I went off piste. but only slightly.  Instead of melting a few marshmallows and sprinkling on candied pecan as Martha instructs, I opted to make the marshmallow frosting on page 151.

The cakes themselves came out deliciously moist and moorish, and the frosting recipe yielded a perfectly pipe-able mass of billowy marshmallow that set up into nice, firm peaks for torching – but the combination got mixed reviews.  It seems the sticky-firm marshmallow texture came as a bit of a shock to some, and my star taster Big J suggested that a cream cheese frosting would have been a better choice.  Others seemed to like the marshmallow though, so I guess it comes down to personal taste.  (My preference is and always will be cream cheese frosting though, so I know what I’ll be making next time).  Big thanks to Karen for choosing such a tasty, fun recipe this month!  Please check out the site for  peek at how the other (organized, timely.. ahem) MSCers got on with this one x

While we’re on the topic of spicy treats….. I missed the last few SMS picks, (much to my belly’s horror and my waist’s benefit) but I just wanted to big up these gingersnaps, which I baked up for the pear & cranberry muffins with gingersnap crumble before I left for Dubai.  Unfortunately, due to bad planning and poor time keeping, the muffins never materialized, but the cookies were a yummy consolation prize x


perfect with a tall glass of milk





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3 responses to “msc: candied sweet potato cupcakes

  1. this all looks good enough to eat 😉

  2. Love how they look. Never had Marshmallow frosting before maybe its because Im not a big fan of them. Anyway nice work.

  3. I love your cupcakes! Look at that marshy frosting!

    But I have to agree with you on the cream cheese for the “next time”. I used marshmallow creme and it tasted ok, but everyone else loved them; even the picky kids, so it must be good in some way. 🙂

    Thanks for baking along with us this month.

    Don’t you love hangovers and blogging? I have been through that many times before. Fun times!

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