sms: chocolate caramel mousse tart

This week’s  SMS challenge – Chocolate Pie crust – offered us the chance to get creative using a filling from outside the book.  Based on comments from a few of the other bakers suggesting the crust lacked flavour, I doubled the cocoa powder as well as the amount of sugar called for in the recipe.  In a bid to spare the ol’ waistband after the gob-stuffing marathon I’ve indulged in over the past few months, I also opted to make it into a 7 inch tart filled with chocolate mousse made from tofu and agave syrup (from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World). That said, I went ahead and annihilated any health benefits by adding a chocolate caramel base layer with toasted hazelnuts (using my leftover caramel ‘sauce’ from last week). To be honest, the crust probably still lacked sweetness, but luckily my filling was so deadly rich that it worked out quite well.

Big thanks to Donna of L’Amour de Tarte for this one! Please check out what the other SMSers came up with too xx



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6 responses to “sms: chocolate caramel mousse tart

  1. I also added a bit more cocoa powder, and it didn’t seem to work any. Ah, oh well. Perhaps, it’s just the crust’s fault!

  2. Holy cow that sounds and look so good. I love your hazlenut and caramel idea! Good idea to add something more to the crust..I just thought it tasted like card board.

  3. Your tart looks marvelous! I’m glad it was rich enough to cover up the lack of flavor in the crust 🙂 The caramel base sounds so good.

  4. This looks amazing! The crust needed a strong filling to make up for the blah curst.

  5. I added more sugar to the crust and still dont think it worked. Your filling looks killer! Love it!

  6. Um, I just gained 5 pounds thanks. 😉

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