I’m a psychologist in training by day, a wannabe baker at weekends.. and a massive cake fiend 24/7.  It all started with Betty Crocker’s Pink Peppermint Pie when I was 9, but thankfully we’ve both moved on… Now I’ve got a few more recipes under my belt and a severe cookbook addiction to show for it.  This blog is my attempt to put that to good use

Having lived in the UK for over 10 years, I’ve developed a real weakness for hobnobs, mince pies (with mulled wine, of course) and sticky toffee pudding, amongst other British treats (namely, pear cider..and my boyfriend)… but on the whole I’d say it’s the American roots that dictate my baking preferences and penchant for anything brownie related, chocolate chip’d, or peanutbutter-filled.  and anything topped with heaps of frosting. super size style.


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