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Carny life – a post from the road

This is gonna be a short one, so apologies in advance!  I’m on holiday in the States at the moment – on holiday from work and baking… but I just wanted to get my Cookie Carnival post up in time for the round-up.  Luckily, I managed to make this month’s pick – Black Bottom Coconut Bars – before I left as a parting gift for my supervisor and team members.  My 6-month placement in the rehab service went by far too quickly and everyone was so welcoming that homebaked goodies seemed the only way of saying thanks.


The recipe came courtesy of Lady Martha (yep, she’s been cropping up on this blog quite a lot recently..) and it turned out to be a surprisingly  simple one.  Basically, a thin brownie layer is baked until just firm around the edges,  then it’s topped with a more generous coconut layer (coconut mixed with the usual suspects – eggs, sugar, flour and vanilla – although I added coconut extract too).  As you can see from the pics, I may have overbaked things a teensy bit, but let’s pretend I was going for a ‘toasted coconut’ look.


I have to admit that I ended up giving the whole batch away so I can’t really comment on what these bars tasted like, but they looked great dressed up in cupcake cases and a paperchase gift box.  Plus, the they got rave reviews from my team members.  Having said that though, I might double the brownie layer if I make these again because it looked pretty thin and I like me a thick gooey mouthful of brownie. even if that overpowers the coconut a bit…  Big big thanks to the Carnival’s lovely hostess Kate, of the clean plate club, for letting me bake along!!  And please check out  the round up to see how the other carnival goers made out this month xx  See you once I get back (about 20 lbs. heavier after munching my way across New England..!)  xx



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