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SMS: Hazelnut truffles


I’ve been waiting to post on this recipe since using it for my Truffle Nut Tart a few weeks ago.  I always assumed that making truffles (well confection of any kind actually) would be tricky and tedious, but these were actually super easy to whip up.  Some of the other SMS bakettes had trouble finding hazelnuts, but (for once!) my only challenge was sourcing ’em cheap since I wanted to enough for both the tart and these truffles. Most big grocery stores here in the UK stock hazelnuts at a mildly hefty charge (in my skint opinion), but I found a much better deal at this fantastic little shop down my street called the Nut Case.  (Shepherds Bush rocks!)


As a big fan of frangelico, I stuck to the original recipe and the result was luscious.  It worked brilliantly in the tart as a rich, boozy chocolate layer topped with Frangelico mascarpone cream, and the truffles received a very positive review: my resident chocolate-fighter [credit to Betty for the perfect moniker!] actually asked of his own volition for one (vs the usual – me shoving whatever sweet I’ve made down his throat) and deemed it “good.. really good”.  So I’d say that equates to a 4/5 for visual appeal and probably a 3.5/5 on taste – only because he didn’t ask for seconds (but he rarely does!).  The only thing I plan to change when I make these again – and I will – is the chocolate I used.. I just chucked in my usual dark chocolate (Waitrose brand.. see above, I’m cheap) but next time I’ll try to splash out a bit.  Despite the added frangelico and nuts, I think the flavour of your chocolate really comes through with truffles, so I’d take Melissa’s advice to heart and use the best quality you can get your hands on.  These would make for a lovely gift and the recipe lends itself well to changes if you’d prefer to use a different liqueur or nut.


Big big thank you to Annie of Living Life Foodcariously for choosing such a lovely treat this week!  Pop over to her site for the recipe and have a peek at the blogroll to see what the other SMS bakers have whipped up.



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