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getting ahead of myself..

I’m heading off on holiday to France tomorrow (er.. in about 5 hours..), and since I may not have access an internet connection – let alone an oven –  I’ve done my SMS baking (and eating!) in advance because I would’ve hated to miss out on this week’s chewy peanut butter cookies chosen by Stephanie of Ice Cream Before Dinner.  So I thought I’d just put down a few comments now and try to post the pics etc on Sunday along with all the other lovely SMS bakers, if I can get myself connected somehow..

So. I love peanut butter – peanut butter sandwiches, peanut butter cups, peanut butter frosting, and peanut butter off a spoon.. that’s the worst, give me an inch and I’ll eat the whole jar.. And although my all time favorite is still this version posted by Bakingblonde, I have to admit that Melissa’s Chewy Peanut Butter cookies were good. really good.  try ’em. seriously.  I’ll comment more on the recipe when I post (hopefully) but for now:

I took the opportunity to use up last week’s gorgeous strawberry grapefruit preserves by making PB & Jam cookie-sandwiches.  The combo turned out to be really popular, so if you’ve got any preserves on hand, give it a go (because that’s just 2 cookies for the price of 1.. bonus!)

Having made peanut butter cookies quite a few times, I also tried mixing things up a bit with a chocolate peanut butter filling I found here on Bakingbites site.  I’ve been drooling over this recipe since stumbling across it about 6 months ago, and seeing as I’ve just munched 5 giant stuffed cookies (the guilt has already hit and indigestion is soon to follow after I scoot off to bed in a minute..doh) I’d say they turned out pretty well.  The one criticism raised was my fault I think – basically, in contrast to the cookie, the filling tasted a bit salty, which some people didn’t love – although I actually found it madly addictive…  This was all down to the PB I used (regular, smooth, Waitrose own brand because I’m posh innit).. Bakingblonde doesn’t specify salted or unsalted, but I might try it again with unsalted to see whether that pleases the critics more..
And as for aesthetics: I had rolled the filling into balls and chilled them before moulding the cookie dough around them (also chilled), but because the cookies spread during baking while the rebellious little filling balls refused to budge, I ended up with mini volcanos.  So I might try smooshing ’em down first.

All in all this was a great recipe and I’m so glad to be baking along with the other SMS bloggers!! You’ll be able to find the recipe on Stephanie’s site from Sunday and see what all the other lovely bakers have come up with on the SMS blogroll.

Right. My sugar levels are finally starting to dip (hopefully) and I’d better be off.

Hope everyone else enjoys this week’s recipe!! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to post the pics with you all on Sunday! xx


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