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Going nuts over filberts & frangelico

Bonjour! actually it’s bonne nuit I guess – past midnight here in the UK.. I got back from a gorgeous holiday in the south of France yesterday and the come down has been excruciating.. it just feels wrong not to be sitting pool-side (or burning, in my case) sipping rose while munching on cheese & olives every eve.. instead, it’s back to sweating myself silly on London tubes, getting drenched by thunderstorms and cursing the relentless gray skies. yay.

SO to distract myself from wallowing in too much self-pity, I turned to the monthly You Want Pies With That? challenge.  I’ve been following this amazingly talented group of bakers since they set up shop about a year a go – and after drooling over their luscious creations for so long, I was really excited to have a go myself. This month’s theme, chosen by the fantastically talented Jacques at Daisy Lane Cakes, was ‘Nuts about Pie’ – meaning the mission was to come up with a one-of-a-kind pie to showcase any kind of nut in any (edible) way that took our fancy..

I’m slightly embarrassed by how long I spent obsessing over – er, I mean dreaming up – my entry, but I really enjoyed the creative challenge.  So big big thanks to Jacques and the rest of the YWPWT bloggers for letting me join in!

…And I now present my nutty take on this month’s theme:

Tipsy Truffle-Nut Tart


As a big fan of pecans (it’s those Texan roots I suppose) and a lover of anything peanut buttery, I had a tough time choosing my nut.. But I wanted to try something new, so I opted to make the not so humble hazelnut my star performer this time, and decided to go all-out with something nutty in every layer..


I made a toasted hazelnut pastry shell, a rich hazelnut truffle filling, and topped it all off with a mascarpone-frangelico mousse sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts..  I threw in quite a lot of frangelico – in the truffle filling as well as in the topping – hence the ‘Tipsy’ title..   (Because frangelico is just that good.)  The tart shell smelled amazing from the moment I started baking & the filling was luscious.. The whole combination was deadly to be honest, so even I came away satisfied after just 1 piece (and that’s unheard of)… well, it was 1 1/2 if I’m being totally honest..



The tart shell was based on a recipe for ‘Rich Nut Pastry’ by Regan Daley from In the Sweet Kitchen, while the mascarpone frangelico mousse was adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s ‘Cherry Brownie Torte’ topping in Baking: From My Home To Yours.  The filling was adapted from a lovely recipe for hazelnut truffles by Melissa Murphy, which is soon to be a Sweet Melissa Sunday challenge so I won’t go into details it here – you can check out the SMS  blogroll in a few weeks..


Being a relatively new baker, I  usually try to stick to recipes pretty closely, but I really loved coming up with my own random combinations for this event – so big big THANKS again to the lovely YWPWT group for this fantastic call to creativity! From what I gather, the roundup of entries will be posted August 8th, so check out the blog then to see what these amazing bakers have come up with!


PS. Apologies for the quality of the pics – I was playing photographer this time and the lighting was rubbish… unfortunately, that’s not just an excuse – it’s crappy weather..boo



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